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Entrepreneur says LILA composter is ‘world’s best’

August 30, 2023   ·   0 Comments

By Mark Pavilons

Innovators take pride in their work and the leaders behind a Vaughan company are shouting the praises of their newest product.
George Yin, CEO and co-founder of VCycene Inc., says their LILA composter is in a category all on its own.
The major competitors are simple dehydrators (crushing and drying process) that cause massive electrical bills and produce dirt that has to go into the green bin anyways.
“LILA is the only product that produces organic compost within 7 days, certified by the third party as Category A compost in Canada to use without restrictions. No need for any additives or filters with LILA. It freshers kitchen air while composting. LILA has ample capacity, perfect for every home.”
That’s pretty impressive. From the user experience no other models provide continuous use, only batch use. That doesn’t fit i with homeowners habits.
“LILA is simple to use, cheap to use and beautiful to use when the output can go straight to our gardens instead of the landfill,” he said.
The unit’s pricing is also quite competitive, in the $1,000 (Cdn.) range.
The product development process took more than three years. Ying said they received tremendous support from top incubators and government programs in Canada. They are now at the stage of commercialization.
The company plans a soft product launch in October this year.
LILA tackles an old but massive challenge: the food waste crisis.
“Our goal is to develop a sustainable solution to reduce the food waste while adding value to the environment.”
The company’s flagship product provides the solutions to help every household reduce waste in their kitchen and control odors while transforming food waste into organic fertilizer that can be used for home or professional cultivation. LILA composter, is an autonomous electronic kitchen appliance that is ease-to-use, odorless, eco-friendly and crafted with contemporary design. LILA composter eliminates the organic waste in the kitchen right at the source. It could be a sustainable and ease-to-use solution to the traditional composting and a technology-advanced and economic solution to replace the roadside collection.
Yin explained that LILA can take all organic food scraps, including peels, meat and fish, veggies, rinds and pits, fruits, oil or fried food, carbohydrate, soy or dairy products except shells or large bones, plastic products and soup or liquid. It is a one-button operation. Manually push the button to open the lid. Toss in your food scraps, then close the lid. The machine crushes food scraps into small pieces and further dewater (no heating. The solids are transferred to the composter chamber and go through an aerobic composting process for at least 7 days. LILA has an industry-grade deodorization system. It is odorless and purifies kitchen air while composting. Clean the lid daily with tissue paper and drop the paper inside the machine for composting. No need for any additives or filters.
It’s so user friendly and simply to operate, it’s ground-breaking.
Yin calls LILA the “world’s best kitchen appliance.” It’s the first ever product to produce mature compost, truly valorizing food waste into a valuable resource. The customers who bought LILA just loved the product, beautifully designed, and amazing technology.
Yin and his company recently joined the King Chamber of Commerce for several reasons.
He said King Township is known beyond for its high quality of living and pristine air, and has made sustainability a top priority under the Township’s leadership.
“This focus on creating a sustainable community aligns seamlessly with our mission and values. King is an ideal market for LILA. The King community and local business promote waste diversion of organics, growing their own food and organic farming.”
The company is also a platinum sponsor and plans to work closely with the Chamber.
“Through the networking and leadership provided by the King Chamber of Commerce, we are going to connect with colleges, farms and businesses in Township as well as with prominent members of the King community to promote the sustainable living in King, simplified with our LILA composter.”
Yin is a proven entrepreneurial engineering and operations leader with a track record of success in start-up, turn-around and transitioning environments. His experience stems from over 25 years of expertise that spans many industries and sectors from consumer and industrial products, medical devices, clean tech and renewable energy systems.
He calls himself a “serial entrepreneur and has tremendous success leading start-ups and energy projects.
He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in Germany and is professional engineer in Ontario.
For more on the company and product, visit You can contact Yin at



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