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Post-pandemic lethargy curbing our efforts

I’m tired. Not in a sleepy, sloth-in-a-tree kind of way. Not a sunbathing turtle type of sleepy. I’m tired in a life kind of way.

Here’s some advice in the marathon of life!

It’s been said you will know when you get there. Get where? Just how do I know where I’m going and what do I do when I get there? Am I there already? We make so many choices in our lives, it’s hard to keep track of them all. We navigate twists, turns and forks in the road. Heck, sometimes we end up in the ditch and roll down an embankment. It may not seem like a journey, but our lives are the longest, most intense adventures we will ever undertake. It’s a wonder we even make it out in one piece.

From a spark to a flame, it all starts with us

The well used saying, every journey starts with a single step, is not only true, it’s impactful. It goes much deeper than the imprint of our foot in the dirt. Everything important that we do in life, and even those less exciting things, all start with us.

Life is meant to be challenging and hard at times

I was sucked back in my chair by a force of self-examination recently. To sum up the experience, we’re living our lives all wrong. That may be a bold statement, but from personal experience, and observations from 30-plus years in the journalism game, I think most of us still don’t have it figured out.

Today is our new starting point in life

Emerging from our caves should be a bit of a reawakening for all of us. We’re seeing the bright light of day for the first time in months. Soaking up the sunshine is amazing, and you can see the joy on the faces of those enjoying outdoor patios. Humans are social creatures. Sure, we come complete with a plethora of shortcomings, but we also have some rather nifty qualities, too.

Our lives are definitely not made from scratch

Renowned astrophysicist Carl Sagan is often quoted as saying in order to make an apple pie from scratch, you first have to invent the universe. In other words, in order for us to make anything, the universe had to be created first. To expand on this, think of all the things that came before our kitchen: The Big Bang, neutrons, ions, atoms, moon, sun, ocean tides, dinosaurs, homo erectus, fire, water, soil, seeds, cows, milk, apple trees.

The ‘dash’ that represents our lives

When you read an obituary, it often mentions the person’s birth year and year of their death, separate by a small, seemingly insignificant dash. But this “dash” represents their life and all that it entailed. Not insignificant at all, but rather THE most significant of all.

We’re constantly reinventing ourselves

Is this really my life? Has anyone else out there ever asked themselves this question?

Grasping the beginnings of life in the universe

Nihil fit ex nihilo – Nothing comes from nothing.

How do we spend the years of our lives?

There are many cute and humorous videos on the Internet showing how we spend our days and how important every day is.

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