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Looking for more? Just look inside!


“Happiness is inward, and not outward; and so, it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are.”
– Henry Van Dyke

It seems the more we have, the more we want, or the more we're “entitled to.”
How have we got it so wrong, and veered so far off the straight and narrow?
Bob Dylan believed the answers, my friend, were blowing in the wind. He may be not that far off.
And Bob was quite right in asking how many times must we turn our heads and ignore the real issues of the day, before we see the need, or the truth?
We know Pavlov's dog learned through repetition, but we humans, it appears, aren't as bright.
Lately, a few of my family members, peers and acquaintances are looking for more. Not more in the material sense or monetary perspective.
No, they're looking for deeper meanings, trying to find more awareness and seeking expanded enlightenment and further insights.
Maybe weathering the same storm together for the past couple of years has rung some alarm bells. It has likely shaken the foundation of many previously held convictions, and weakened trust and faith.
It's likely always been the case. It's not the best practice to place all your eggs in one basket, nor is it prudent to place your faith only in decision-makers, politicians or economists.
We all know someone who we describe as a “thinker,” a person who's deep in thought. Most peer groups have an armchair philosopher among them.
While thinkers can be pedantic and caught up in never-ending puzzles or questions, the spark is the same for all of us. It's curiosity, seeking answers, looking farther afield. We simply want to know “more.”
Many say they find it in various forms and activities, whether it's going to church, gardening, painting, singing, meditating or exercising by walking a local trail in King or venturing into a nearby forest. They're all ways to exercise that gray matter and whip our brains into shape. We all realize we're capable of much more, and our brains are fascinating mega-computers. So why not feed our minds, too?
My son, like so many 20-somethings, is struggling to find his niche, his place in the world. He's not satisfied with just a job, or even a mediocre career. No, this young man wants more, much more.
He wants to know, well, everything. He's curious about time and space, existence, the ever-expanding universe. He's curious about ancient civilizations who, for no apparent reason, abandoned their great cities and technology and simply vanished. He wants to know about life on other planets. He wants to communicate with ghosts.
He does not like taxes and was interested to know that in Alaska, there are no income taxes.
Maybe this younger generation is not that unlike our predecessors.
Our forefathers and mothers went from flower power to pyramid power. You'd think we've seen the last of corduroy, bell bottoms, the military look and tie-dye, but they've all returned. We lovingly refer to them as “retro.” We embrace them today because we want “more” from our mundane and lackluster fashions.
Our predecessors experimented with drugs and some still have memories of Woodstock. (That was before my time.)
Men and women went from power suits to casual everyday attire. MTV, Rubik's Cube, CDs and boom boxes were commonplace in our lives. We loved it when something “new and improved” arrived on scene.
I doubt we'll see the return of rolling up just one pant leg, but ripped jeans are here to stay I think. I still have a fondness for Hilfiger, Nautica, jean jackets and the like, but I can no longer pull off some of these “younger” fashions.
I keep threatening my wife that I will grow my hair long and dye it blond, just like Brad Pitt in the 1990s.
All of these trends were so we could look and feel better about ourselves. They were ways we could strut our stuff and act like we knew what was going on. But we didn't, really.
And trends come and go like the seasons.
There has been a revival in personal, spiritual and emotional well being in recent years.
Crystals in all shapes, sizes, and healing powers are all still popular. The sounds emanating from Tibetan healing bowls are quite soothing. Salt caves offer a break from the world. Reiki is our new therapy.
We're constantly looking for ways to test ourselves, awake our inner brightness and shake our personal foundations.
I'm not sure if it's a matter of thrill-seeking or escapism, perhaps a bit of both. But maybe it's a real desire to feel more and enhance our lives.
From the current “trends,” it seems the answers, my friends, are blowing around inside each of us.
Mulder and Scully contended the “truth was out there,” and maybe they were on the right track.
If “out there” means a lofty enlightenment so be it. If it means new revelations of our humble beginnings and solar anomalies, great.
I have always felt that people should pursue their own paths and take their own spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. If yoga works, go for it! If transcendental meditation gets results, amazing. If past-life regression provides comfort, go all in!
Our pocket coil mattresses and smart homes will provide only so much comfort. Our electric vehicles and robo vacuums will ease our lives a smidgen.
But the real answers – the truth – comes from within. Let's enjoy the next leg of the journey together! Explore, reach new heights and soak it all in!



Excerpt: t seems the more we have, the more we want, or the more we’re “entitled to.” How have we got it so wrong, and veered so far off the straight and narrow?

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