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Immortality may already be part of our DNA

The complex tug-of-war between life and death has plagued humankind from the very beginning. Looking up at the stars in the night, even our cave-dwelling ancestors wondered about “what’s next.” Humans have been driven to uncover the answers, through gods, various religious texts, even the search for the fountain of youth and Shangri-La.

Freedom and democracy taken for granted

We are quite lucky in this country, the True North Strong and Free. We know it, say it, but many of our citizens don’t likely grasp the true meaning. We take democracy and our rights and freedoms for granted. Didn’t we have these all along?

Rich rise while rest of humanity stumbles

Poverty is an anomaly to the rich. And it’s odd that God gave the poor a rich heart, and some of the rich, a poor one. A new survey indicates that one new billionaire is “minted” every 26 hours and inequality contributes to the death of one person every four seconds.

Salvation lies in traditional fresh-cooked food

Humans are obsessed with food. And why shouldn’t we be? When is the last time you cleaned your plate because the meal was made with magical ingredients – love and tradition?

Our biggest concerns are affording groceries and gas

The latest financial news comes with some noticeable belt-tightening among average Canadians. It was reported recently week that “51% of Canadians can’t afford a $200 increase in monthly expenses.”

Keep what’s inside your head to yourself!

Do you really want to know what’s going on inside someone else’s head? Would you like to read your spouse’s mind? Do you really want to know what your kids think of you? Nope.

Why does it always come down to money?

It’s funny how many important actions always come down to money. It’s been said that money can’t buy happiness or that it can’t build meaning into life. But when it comes to major policies, mandates, protocols – major change – yes indeed money matters. Martin Luther King Jr. noted that any country that spends more money on its military than social programs will be doomed spiritually.

We have to unite and focus on our common goals

he learning never ends. We’ve dined, drank and hopefully “did good” over the holiday break. But now it’s back to business as usual. Or, as “usual” as can be in these weird times.

Don’t forget the past; it’s vitally important to the present

Our family members, and our DNA, are our only link to the past. Many believe what’s past is past, and just leave it alone. But how can we? The past represents so much, not just for each of our family histories, but for all of humankind. It’s so damn interesting.

Putting our ‘First World’ woes in perspective

As we enter the holidays and emerge from our burrows, we face some new and old challenges. These hurdles, however, are solely First World issues, and are so petty and trivial in the grand scheme of things.

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