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Our children are our ultimate legacy

H. Jackson Brown Jr. once said that we parents should live in a way that when our kids think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of us. There are many lasting bequests we can pass on to our kids. All we can do is try, and hope that we give them the qualities, characteristics and moral fibre to be decent, contributing members of society.

Post-pandemic lethargy curbing our efforts

I’m tired. Not in a sleepy, sloth-in-a-tree kind of way. Not a sunbathing turtle type of sleepy. I’m tired in a life kind of way.

Proposed gun ban won’t solve anything

With all the troubles in our world, the “silly season” – election time in Ontario – has brought out some silly suggestions. The Ontario Liberals have pledged to ban the sale, possession, transport and storage of handguns if elected. Their plan will also accept the federal government’s offer to fund a buy-back program; partner with the federal government to stop gun smuggling at the Ontario-U.S. borders, and advocate to extend the ban nationally so that guns can’t be funneled through inter-provincial borders. Once again, our politicians are firing blanks to speak.

Sharing stories sustains our entire species

We humans come from a long line of storytellers. It’s in our blood. “A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than 10 years mere study of books,” said Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Time to alter our nagging to-do lists

Just how did our wonderful lives become one massive to-do list? Most of us working stiffs – the 9-to-5ers – have fallen into crippling routines. We set our alarms, get up, head into work and put in a day’s worth of wage-earning duties.

What really happened to our younger selves?

We look at ourselves daily, but how often do we ask the hard questions? When do we stare at our own reflection and ask “who am I?” I asked myself that very question and was puzzled, perplexed even dumfounded. Who am I?

Immortality may already be part of our DNA

The complex tug-of-war between life and death has plagued humankind from the very beginning. Looking up at the stars in the night, even our cave-dwelling ancestors wondered about “what’s next.” Humans have been driven to uncover the answers, through gods, various religious texts, even the search for the fountain of youth and Shangri-La.

Freedom and democracy taken for granted

We are quite lucky in this country, the True North Strong and Free. We know it, say it, but many of our citizens don’t likely grasp the true meaning. We take democracy and our rights and freedoms for granted. Didn’t we have these all along?

Rich rise while rest of humanity stumbles

Poverty is an anomaly to the rich. And it’s odd that God gave the poor a rich heart, and some of the rich, a poor one. A new survey indicates that one new billionaire is “minted” every 26 hours and inequality contributes to the death of one person every four seconds.

Salvation lies in traditional fresh-cooked food

Humans are obsessed with food. And why shouldn’t we be? When is the last time you cleaned your plate because the meal was made with magical ingredients – love and tradition?

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