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Contradictory provincial position

Is it any small wonder that many people treat politicians with such disdain? Our neighbours to the south are presently experiencing a good example of the discord that comes when governments ignore the mainstream and operate to benefit special interest groups.

We don't have to go far to witness an equally contradictory governmental position. If we were to believe the Ontario government's proclamations concerning the Greenbelt, we would believe this land to be sacrosanct.

However, contrary to what Ms. Wynne may have us believe, the Greenbelt is under direct threat from developers who would remove large sections of this “designated” land in order to continue to expand urban sprawl onto yet more agricultural land.

Too many citizens see only the propaganda that government spouts and do not question loopholes that may exist in the legislation.

It is no secret that the Ontario Liberal Party receives major funding from the new home development industry. Ms. Wynne needs to make a decision as to where her loyalties are, with the citizens of southern Ontario or with the homebuilders!

Leaving the responsibility with the municipalities and the regional governments to police the security of the Greenbelt boundaries is both naïve and foolhardy. Time and time again these levels of government have been either unable or unwilling to oppose the pressure exerted by special interest groups.

If the Provincial government truly believes in the concept of the Greenbelt and its growth, all they have to do is take total responsibility for it and become the one and only authorizing body. To do so will prove once and for all that their commitment is genuine and not a “dog and pony show!”

Mike Shackleford




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