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New subdivision slated for Northcott Way

By Angela Gismondi

A new subdivision on the south side of Northcott Way in Nobleton has some neighbouring homeowners concerned about the potential impact it will have on their on their property.
The applications for draft plan of subdivision and zoning bylaw amendment were submitted to the Township by Nobleton Estates in October 2014 and a public meeting was held on Feb. 9.
The applications concern 1.2 hectares (three acres) of a larger 12 hectare (30 acre) parcel which fronts onto the 8th Concession Road, explained Stephen Kitchen, director of planning for the Township of King.
The proposed development is located immediately south of the Fandor subdivision in Nobleton.
The owner is proposing to develop five residential lots each with a single detached house on the property. Access to the development would be obtained from Northcott Way via a block of land dedicated for road purposes and the lots would front onto a new cul-de-sac. About 0.32 hectares of lands at the back of the property have been identified as environmental buffer. The buffer lands are proposed be placed in an Open Space and Conservation zone.
The agent for Nobleton Estates, Roy Mason, vice-president of KLM Planning Partners, said the developer wants to mitigate the impact on the surrounding property owners.
“We tried to take into consideration the existing residents that were in the Fandor plan as well,” said Mason.
In terms of servicing, Mason said the developer would like to get early allocation, if possible, so they can complete the five lots quickly and not impose a lengthy construction period on the residents.
“We would like to avoid the inconvenience to all those residents,” said Mason.
Local resident Angelo Cofini asked if the wildlife study has been completed and submitted to the Ministry of the Environment, as the property is surrounded by environmentally sensitive lands. Kitchen responded the natural heritage study, which addresses wildlife, has been submitted but the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has not yet commented on the plan.
“We'll have better insight once they respond,” he said.
Cofini also said the proposed 12-metre maximum height for the homes is a problem for the neighbouring owners.
Anthony Romano told council he wasn't aware of the proposed development when he purchased his property.
“I wasn't told there was going to be houses there,” said Romano. “I saw a laneway saying ‘proposed road.' I didn't know there was going to be a proposal for five houses, I only saw a proposed road … It's a big concern for me. I would like to see exactly what the plan is before it goes ahead.”
He also said the proposed road to access the homes could affect his privacy.
“I don't want a road in our backyard,” said Romano, adding he enjoys entertaining on his property. “We've got a nice view and I would hate that taken away from us.”
Mason responded the developer would be happy to leave the height at 11 metres. He explained that what residents were referring to as a road is actually a driveway and offered to meet with the two residents and the local Councillor David Boyd to discuss the matter.
“We were trying to do something that we thought would be good for these neighbours,” said Mason. “We want these houses to be spectacular houses.”
The applications were received and referred back to staff for further recommendations.
Excerpt: A new subdivision on the south side of Northcott Way in Nobleton has some neighbouring homeowners concerned about the potential impact it will have on their on their property.
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