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Rewarding mediocrity and bad behaviour

Mark Pavilons


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One doesn't have to look far these days for some eyebrow-raising incidents.
The morning news provides plenty of fodder about the woes of the human condition.
Recently, a couple of items caught my attention, that seem to encourage mediocrity and promote prostitution, neither of which seems in keeping with our society's moral compass.
A high school in Calgary has done away with its academic awards ceremony, believing it singles out high achievers and not only makes average students feel bad about themselves, but segregates them.
Humans have been recognizing excellence, achievement, success and good study habits for hundreds of years. The premise is if you work hard, apply yourself, you might just achieve a modicum of success and excellence.
We're not talking perfection here. We talking about building good study habits, responsible behaviour and a good work ethic.
These are fundamental aspects of the western world, for as long as the western world has been in existence.
Like it or not, our society embraces winners. We don't go to hockey or baseball games and cheer for teams to lose. We watch the Olympics and support our athletes, recognizing them for their hard word and dedication. Under-achieving athletes typically don't win medals or get those million-dollar contracts.
At the school level, we encourage our kids to compete in sports. Of course, winning isn't everything, but it is something.
We hold spelling bees, math and science fairs, debating and public speaking competitions. We celebrate our scholars, award-winners and scholarship earners.
We are a competitive species and we recognize and laud accomplishments.
While this school may be taking some sort of misguided moral high ground in terms of compassion, it's way off base.
You can't have it both ways. By eliminating awards ceremonies, you've robbed the hard-working students of their recognition, which may be important in their post-secondary pursuits and future careers.
Recognizing under-achievers is rewarding mediocrity. Let's all cheer for the high school dropouts who live in their parents' basement and refuse to get a job!
This next tidbit will likely upset most parents and turn some stomachs.
We are all familiar with the term “sugar daddy” – slang for a man who offers to support a typically younger woman or man after establishing a relationship that is usually sexual.
This practise has been going on for hundreds of years as well, but it had always been something kept quiet, and surely never openly encouraged.
But our fellow human beings, who are always willing to make money and leverage other human beings, have risen to the occasion.
Enter the website “Entering adulthood is a struggle for 18-year-olds, but the world's largest Sugar Daddy dating site is helping to lessen the financial burden. is offering free membership to women upon their 18th birthdays, inviting them to connect with a new financial benefactor.
“Graduation season means an unfortunate truth for many high school seniors: getting cut off by their parents. For Sugar Babies on, paying for college is easy with help from generous benefactors.
“Fiscal independence is a difficult undertaking for young adults,” says Founder and CEO, Brandon Wade. “Unlike receiving funds from parents, money from a Sugar Daddy doesn't come with rules that dictate what kind of lifestyle they should live.”
SeekingArrangement “prides itself in being a stepping stone to financial freedom, especially for the one million college students signed up. These girls are not looking for Gucci or Prada, but and avoiding career limbo with help from a Sugar Daddy.”
Launched in 2006, the website currently has 3 million members worldwide.
A quick trip around the Internet will reveal dozens upon dozens of similar sites and services.
This definitely puts a new spin on working your way through college!
Again, what message does this send to our daughters (and sons)? In order to pay off some post-secondary tuition, it's okay to prostitute yourself?
How many parents out there would be comfortable with such an arrangement? How many are shocked by this? How many even know about it?
I don't know about the parents of the millions of young women who've signed up, but I'd get two part-time jobs and sell everything I own to pay my kids' debts. I certainly wouldn't be their “pimp.”
But this issue has not even registered as newsworthy. Is society so self-centred, misguided and void of morals that no one cares about such an “arrangement?”
I haven't attained a lofty lifestyle. But I wouldn't sell my soul to get one, either.
Alas, like many things in our “modern western world,” things like self-esteem, self-worth and our very souls have a price.
We're just adding more pieces to our already unstable house of cards.
Excerpt: One doesn’t have to look far these days for some eyebrow-raising incidents.
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