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Tapping into the psychic phenomenon

Mark Pavilons

Our eyes may be the windows of our souls, but what if we could have the gift of clairvoyance?
While the term “psychic” only came into common use in the late 1800s, humans have been quite interested in seers and fortune tellers. Science may scoff at such parapsychological phenomena, but that doesn't mean it's total bunk.
I'm fascinated by all things paranormal. It's funny, really, that we have created terms like that for things we simply don't understand. We're quick to judge, or label the unknown out of fear and ignorance.
Divination, fortune-telling and astrology all date back thousands of years. Deemed “prophets,” these people were important parts of society, acting as advisors to royalty, priests and judges. Seers were common in ancient Egypt and the priests of sun god Ra at Memphis were highly regarded.
As far back as 800 BC, the ramblings of the oracles at Delphi were recorded and are part of Greek literature.
One of the most famous “psychics” was of course, Michel de Nostredame, or Nostradamus, the French apothecary who wrote a collection of prophecies.
Modern spiritualism arose in the mid-1800s when there was a desire to contact the spirits of the dead. Mediums and psychics answered the call.
Psychic phenomenon has been studied for more than 100 years and researchers have found no “scientific justification.”
If you think about it, there's no “scientific justification” for God, Jesus, ghosts, spirits and all kinds of paranormal activity.
That's what makes it all so much fun!
I have seen a ghost, just before he left for the afterlife. Other people I know have felt the presence of deceased loved ones. Some high school friends reported living in “haunted houses.”
Psychic energy is really taking intuition and “gut feeling” to the next level. Intuition has served many of us very well in our lives.
A recent visit with “Psychic Stephanie” was really interesting.
The self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” has more than 17 years of experience. She specializes in love, relationships, removing bad luck and negativity and balancing your chakra. Her business card says she will “take away all your worries and restore your faith and give you peace of mind.”
Believe what you will, but that doesn't sound so bad, does it?
The session was interesting. Nothing earth-shattering, but I'm always open to new experiences.
Stephanie did say we could all benefit from being more positive. I hear you! She also said our life's journey is totally up to us – we have the power to control our own destiny!
I play the lottery, knowing full well the astronomical odds are against me. But ask the thousands of “instant millionairess” and I bet they'll tell you something different.
Psychics won't give you lottery numbers because that's not what they're all about. Stephanie said it's a calling of sorts, and she's dedicated to helping others.
I think human curiosity and the thirst for knowledge has led us to embrace mystical realms. We want to believe. We want to witness the unusual, and we want a miracle or two.
I can understand that need for our ancient ancestors, whose lives were brutal at best. When lifespans topped out at 35 and our forefathers dealt with disease, starvation, ill health and a meager existence, it makes sense they believed in something more. They had to.
Christianity was espoused, in full force, during the Crusades and Middle Ages. Crosses adorned almost every article of clothing and item in society. It became everyone's mission to further the teachings of Christ.
I am not comparing religion to clairvoyance. I am merely explaining our interest in the gray area of our existence and perhaps life beyond the physical realm.
The late, great Stephen Hawking wrote a paper about the existence of alternate universes, stating they do exist. Some scientists will tell you that's simply ridiculous, but Hawking's research may be the first to bridge the gap between science and science fiction.
“A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation” will soon be released and apparently it lays out mathematical processes required for a deep-space probe to collect evidence that alternate universes exist. Thomas Hertog, who co-authored the paper, said they're trying to prove the existence of “multiverses” and there's strong evidence to support it. They also provide mathematical formulas to calculate just where these universes are.
Can you imagine another – or several other – yous in other universes, living similar, yet slightly different lives? Can you imagine a universe where our earth is almost the same, with subtle differences in our fast food and coffee selections? Or how about a universe where humans are hunted by beasts or AI robots?
It's all very Marvel Universe like and makes for great science fiction.
This “revelation” makes ESP seem like a typical kindergarten activity!
Some of us are very much like TV's FBI special agent Fox Mulder, who just “wants to believe.”
We are only beginning to explore outer space. We have yet to fully understand the power of the human brain. We have not yet tapped into the mystery of human potential.
There are things in our world that are improbable, unlikely and not feasible. But there are always possibilities!
I believe!
Excerpt: Our eyes may be the windows of our souls, but what if we could have the gift of clairvoyance? While the term “psychic” only came into common use in the late 1800s, humans have been quite interested in seers and fortune tellers. Science may scoff at such parapsychological phenomena, but that doesn’t mean it’s total bunk.
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