Just what would you ask God Almighty?

April 17, 2019   ·   0 Comments

Not all of us have faith or strongly believe in the Almighty. But for many, God is as real as the raindrops on the tulips that welcome us every spring. The legendary Bob Marley wrote that his hand was made strong by the hand of the Almighty. He also spent a lot of time “jammin in the name of the Lord.”

Technology being wasted on smart gizmos

While Bill Gates may disagree with Tom’s observation, we all know that technology has become our worst, double-edged sword. The massive info sharing through the Internet has its obvious advantages, namely oodles of information that transcends time and location. It’s instant and limitless. Virtually everything you need, and a lot that you don’t, at your fingertips.

Our lives are filled with many ‘close calls’

The Good Lord was looking out for me last week. On my way to the office last Tuesday morning, another driver made an erratic left turn right in front of me. He came out of nowhere and I had to summon my instincts to make a hard left, swerving around him and avoiding all other vehicles in the vicinity.

Squeeze the joy out of every single moment

It’s funny how small moments in our daily lives can have profound meaning and impact. Maybe it’s all a matter of perspective and simply taking note of the small things.

Market economy is nearing the abyss

We in the west enjoy many benefits that come with a free market economy and democratic system. But it’s fragile, this relationship we have with our system. Like the legendary Gumby, a lot of things in our society today have been stretched too far.

No human being is insignificant

We all question the meaning of it all, and our role in the big picture. A co-worker pondered the meaning of life the other day in the office. He wondered just what we’re here for, since we’re mere “ants” in the cosmos, having little impact on anything. We scurry along in our lives, get married, have children, slave away at our jobs, all to what end? For most of us here in the “advanced” western world, it’s to survive financially, to pay bills and own “things.”

Memories, good and bad, make us who we are

It’s funny what we remember sometimes. Recently, I awoke from another in a series of odd dreams. As I sat up, my thoughts turned to my dad’s final hours. He died of lymphoma on a summer’s evening in 1998. During most of his years suffering from the disease, he remained symptom-free. In the end, he began to become agitated, shaky and restless.

The power of love scares darkness away

Through song, I once vowed to protect my beloved, and “keep the vampires from your door.” When the chips are down, I’ll be around, with my “undying, death defying love for you.” Love really is a “force from above” and it’s so pure, it’s the only real treasure.

Laughter is the essence of humanity

I think we could all use a pick-me-up as we endure the gloomy days of winter. Not a day goes by where I don’t break down and laugh out loud. And that’s a very good thing.

Dreams are our brain’s way of blowing off steam

The Dalai Lama said dreams are the best meditation and our friend Shakespeare pointed out that “To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub.” Dreaming is something we all have in common and we all have stories to tell.

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